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Chilli Promotions is the world’s first and only promotional products company to 100% carbon offset not only everything we supply, but everything we do. 


For more than 7 years, Chilli have worked in conjunction with Choice Magazine’s outstanding rated Carbon Reduction Institute of Australia to reduce the carbon footprint of the products we create and the way in which we conduct business.


We have calculated and account for the greenhouse gas emissions impact of all elements of the production, decoration, manufacturing and freight of all products produced locally and offshore. Including all elements of the day-to-day running of our business.


We offset the emissions produced in these activities through the purchase of carbon offsets used for Biomass Renewable Energy projects in India & Renewable Wind farms in China.


Because we are different.

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How it works - products

Calculating our carbon footprint

This data is then used to calculate the carbon emissions of each and every product we sell.


We then purchase the equivalent amount of carbon offsets to make up for our carbon impact and ensure our carbon neutral status.


The carbon offsets purchased go towards carbon reduction projects such as biomass renewable energy projects in India, renreable wind energy projects in China, and water purification projects in Africa; because we believe in making a difference in the communities in which we support.


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How it works - business

Calculating our carbon footprint

Each year we undergo a NoCO2 audit to assess how much greenhouse gas our company emits.  This is more commonly known as a Carbon Footprint Audit.


This audit helps us quantify the amount of equivalent carbon offsets we need to purchase in order to maintain our business' carbon neutral status.


This audit covers our company's:



These audits also calculate the greenhouse gas emissions produced by the products we supply based on a complex set of formulas which take into account:

Raw materials going into the product
Freight to manufacturing plant
Manufacturing processes and waste outputs
Final product packaging
Transport & delivery to final destination



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